Hawaiian Memorial Plans to Build on Conservation Land

This is what Hawaiian Memorial is proposing for our hillside.   

HELP Stop Hawaiian Memorial from Changing the City Plan to allow development on Conservation!
Hawaiian Memorial has asked the City and County to change the Kaneohe/Kailua City Plan to allow cemetery on Conservation land.    We are totally opposed to this. The State Land Use Commission has already ordered that the land remain in conservation.

HMP is asking for two things:
1) a wording change which allows cemeteries in the City preservation district.
2) a map change which places the conservation land into the City preservation district.
(You can see their detailed request here.

We are opposed to the change, as it is a sneaky way to bypass the Land Use Commission's decision.

We are asking for three things:
1.  Disallow the changes for HMP above.
2.  Clarify that land outside of the community growth boundary is conservation land
3.  Clarify that cemetery structure guidelines are not permission to expand on conservation land.




City and County has published a draft of the plan which guides future Kaneohe & Kailua development.   They are asking for comments by 4/1/2015.  There Hawaiian Memorial has asked for some changes to allow developing on CONSERVATION land.

Proposal can be viewed here.


The Star Advertiser wrote a story about HMP's plans.  Click here to read article.

City and County is holding a meeting to preview the changes to the Koolau Plan.   We have got wind that the changes may not be favorable to us.  Please join us if you are free.  Click here for meeting flier.

HMP is asking the C&C to change City Plans.   City will hold several public meetings for public comment on the City's Koolau Plan. For More Info click here.

The LUC denied HMP's request to reconsider their decision.
* See the LUC's decision with the reasons for the LUC vote to save our land! Click Here.   
* HMP is asking the LUC to reconsider their decision.  Hearing scheduled for 11/13/09.
* See the "Newspaper and TV" link for new stories.
The LUC Decided today in a 7-0 Vote to Deny Hawaiian Memorials Petition for District Boundary Amendment!
We posted the documents which have been filed for the case.  It shows HMP's, City, State, and our sides of the arguments.  LUC will be reviewing these documents.  Click to see the documents