Koolau Poko Community Plan

Koolau Plan OverviewThe Koolau Poko Sustainable Communities Plan (Koolau Plan) is one of eight City and County Plans.   The Sustainable Communities plans help guide both City and County as well as State land uses.  It provides the vision for development from Makapuu to Kahaluu.
Update Process
The Koolau Plan was adopted in 2000.   The plan is now under review by the City and County.   

Department of Planning and Permitting
The City and County Department of Planning and Permitting began updating the KSCP in 2009, and contracted Plan Pacific and Townscape to coordiante the public comments to the plan.

An Introduction Meeting (Held on 11/16/2009)  - There were another 4 smaller "breakout" sessions held in January and February 2009.

Hawaiian Memorial at the time, submitted a request to rezone the Conservation land into Parks, Golf Courses, and Cemeteries. 

There were two other community meetings held in 2010, and again in November 2014.

In 2015, the DPP forwarded their recommendations to the Planning Commission - WITHOUT CHANGING THE HMP Zoning.   

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission received the KSCP, and held two public meetings in 2016 to discuss and review the KSCP.  

The Planning Commission forwarded the KSCP to the City Council's Committee on Transportation and Planning - Again, after all the public review and comments,HMP's rezoning request was NOT INCLUDED.

City Council Committee on Transportation and Planning
The TP Committee is chaired by Councilmember Ikaika Anderson (our representative).  He unfortunately will be recuse himself from the KSCP proceedings because his family business may profit from an HMP expansion.

On 1/26,2017, an AMENDMENT to rezone the HMP to allow development was submitted. 

With everyones great help in sending written testimony and appearing before the City Council, the City Council removed the amendment from the KSCP Bill!!!

The bill will now go before the City Council and back to Committee.  

City Council & Mayor
If the KSCP is passed by the Committee, it will go to the full City and County for a vote.   

If the City Council approves the KSCP, it will go to the Mayor to be reviewed.  The Mayor can veto, or sign it into an Ordinance.