LUC Documents

Below are the documents that Hawaiian Memorial, the City and County, the State, and we have filed to the LUC.  
These are the documents which the LUC used to make their decision on HMP's rezoning request. 
The "Proposed Decision" is what each group requested to be the LUC's decision.
The "Comments on Proposed Decision" allowed each group to comment on each other's Proposed Decison.
The "Responses to Comments" is each groups chance to respond to comments received from the "Comments on Proposed Decision".

The "Motion for Recosideration" was Hawaiian Memorial's attempt to ask the LUC to "reconsider" their decision.   City, State, and we filed reasons why we were against it.   LUC denied motion.
 Proposed Decision
(Due on 8/24/09)
 HMP's ProposalCity's ProposalState's Proposal Our Proposal
Comments on Proposed
(Due on 9/4/09)

 HMP Did

Not File

City's CommentsState's Comments Our Comments 
 Responses to Comments 
(Due on 9/11/09)
 HMP's Response   City's Response State's Response Our Response 
We protested that HMP submitted their 9/4/09 document on 9/11/09!  Because of that, we were able to do a final rebuttle to HMP's 9/11/09 document.  Here's the responses. 
Comments to HMP's 
 Late Filing
(Due on 10/1/09) 
  HMP Not 
Eligible to file
Did Not File
 State's Response Our Response 
 Final Decision and Order
LUC's Ruling 
Motion for Reconsideration
Request I
Request II
City'sResponse  State's ResponseOur Response
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