Proposed Development

Threat to Mahinui 
The Mahinui mountain separates Kaneohe from Kailua. Hawaiian Memorial Park plans a graveyard expansion which would threaten the Mahinui mountain-side.
Here's the current plan as of July 2017:

Plan Details
• Expanding 28.2 acres of Conservation District land from Parkway toward Pohai Nani
• Require grading and deforestation of mountain-side
• Existing land is zoned for CONSERVATION
• 15 acre Cultural Preserve (green area)

• Destruction of native flora and fauna ecosystems
• Destruction of scenic landscape for Kaneohe
• Flooding caused by loss of vegetation
• Loss of the Kawa Stream watershed
• Impact from run-off to Kaneohe Bay 
• Dangers of pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides on Pikoiloa Residents
• Increased crime due to lack of security controls
• Risk of flooding from under-capacity retention ponds